How about your date life? Are there any single transgender women around? Not too much! Many people have many problems when dating transgender women. And these problems will appear very ignorant, which makes it very difficult for you to associate with a transgender woman who attracts you.

So, if you’re attracted to transgender women, here are a few choice rules in dating one. Please pay attention — I speak only the truth.

1. Don't call us " TRANNIES", but call me transgender.

Almost all transgendered people don't like this name because it is slang with offensive meaning. even if you are only joking, then not everyone is willing to. So please do not touch it. this is a bottom line.

2. you must respect us as much as any sexy girl

Usually, when people see a sexy, sunny and attractive girl, they often go up and strike up a conversation, but the topic is what hobbies you have and where you come from. however, once the girl reveals that she is a transgender person, the topic becomes what hobbies you have in bed, or some other insulting words, which is very rude. Being a transgender person also wants a sincere feeling. If you don't carry such thoughts, please don't disturb us.

3. don't ask about our surgery

This is the beginning of change, and it is also the beginning of forgetting the past. don't mention it, because it is over.

4. please praise us.

What we need is your praise. you can praise everything we are as women, such as beauty and sexiness. But please do not mention anything about sex change. if you want to mention it, it is when we are very familiar with it.

5. don't approach her because of sex

Transgendered people do not mean how sexually open we are. we are also normal people. If you want to have wild sex, please go to prostitutes because they can meet all your requirements and we can't.

6. please seriously consider why you want to associate with a transgender person.

Associating with a transgender person means that you need to have common thoughts with them and understand them. At the same time, it cannot be for temporary happiness. If you can do this, then I believe you have already made the date right.