The prospect of transgender dating faces significant challenges. We hear a lot about fetishes, discrimination, harassment, even murder, but transgender people are so rare that there are very few people willing to accept them. To insulate my transgender female companion from the harsh reality of our quest for love, I hope the people who we date will remember these things:

1. When talking about cross-gender issues, distinguish between occasions

Many people are curious about the genitals of trans-gender women, but in fact every trans-gender woman gets bored with the topic of her own genital organs, which is the shadow of a woman. If you talked about this on your first date, it would be very embarrassing, so you have to distinguish when to say what topic.

2. Don't have too many questions about gender transition

These questions should be what you know about from search engines. When you're dating a trans woman, the first thing you need to do is to understand the commonalities. Don't open your mouth and ask, it will make you look ignorant and offensive to women.

3. Don't equate the transgender people in online video with us

In fact, the society still discriminates against trans-gender women, which leads to the great disadvantage of trans-gender women in employment, and some of us have turned to the sex industry. And sex videos are often the first teachers of many straight men, which gives many men an impression that trans-gender women are all open and lewd. However, the plot in pornographic movies is unrealistic, which cannot be equated with us in reality.

4. Careless praise is not effective.

You look as beautiful as a woman. this kind of similar remark is not a compliment to trans-gender women. On the contrary, this is an insult. the message of this sentence is that you are very successful in disguise. As Janet mock, author of Redefining Realness, said: " I am a woman.i live my life as a woman and that' s how I should be perceived.i' m not passing as anything - I' m being.being myself."

5. We didn’t transition just to date straight men.

This kind of consciousness is very ridiculous. trans-gender women will not be foolish enough to change sex for dating straight men. we just like our current gender, that's all. Sex change is unlikely to change one's sexual orientation. if someone likes women before, he will like women afterwards.

6. A girl wants to enjoy life, and so do we.

So take us to movies, concerts. Transitioning doesn't mean we're miserable - we just want to have a good time like everyone else.